Tree species maps for Europe – Download registration page

The following product is available for download after registration:

ArcGIS File Geodatabase 'EU_TreeMap' (zipped), containing

  • 20 raster datasets for different tree species (raster name = species name)
  • 1 combined raster dataset 'DominantSpecies' showing the dominant tree species per pixel
  • Background information (readme.pdf)


Before granting you access to the data, we would like you to complete the following short registration form. This will allow us to analyse the use of the product by the data user community and to possibly anticipate existing demands in the future with new products.

You will have access to the download page for two days after access was granted. Please note that registration may take a few days.

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When utilising information from this website in direct or derived form, in your personal or legal capacity you bind yourself to accepting the conditions below. It is requested to:

  • Properly make reference to the following publication:

    Brus, D.J., G.M. Hengeveld, D.J.J. Walvoort, P.W. Goedhart, A.H. Heidema, G.J. Nabuurs, K. Gunia, 2011. Statistical mapping of tree species over Europe. European Journal of Forest Research 131 (1): 145–157.

  • Not to distribute the images or databases to third parties.

The information you submit will be treated confidentially and is used only for internal analysis of the data usage, it will not be used for any other purpose and it will not be given to any third party. The data is stored at the European Forest Institute in cooperation with Alterra. The project team may contact you at a later stage to inform about the availability of new datasets or for feedback purposes. The project team is also interested in receiving a copy of publications in which the information from this project has been utilised.

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